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West Pender Student Council collected nearly 400 canned food items and 60 coats for the Pender County Christian Services. The Student Council also held a school beautification cleanup event during the month of December. Congratulations Student Government for giving back to our community. 


Important News

                                         Student Dress Code 2014-2015:   

Middle and High School Dress Code


  • All clothing, skirts, shorts, and dresses are of an appropriate length when falling at mid-thigh or lower.
  • Shirts can hang no lower than at the student’s wrist or must be tucked inside.
  • Pants, shorts, skirts must be secured at the waist.
  • There may be no holes in clothing above the knee. No holes in inappropriate places will be allowed in any clothing.
  • At no time may undergarments be visible.
  • All clothing must have sleeves. No tank tops or spaghetti straps.
  • Shoes must be worn at all times and no open toe shoes are allowed.
  • Tennis shoes may be required for physical education activities and areas.
  • No hats, bandanas, sunglasses, or head coverings are allowed during the school day nor may they be carried.
  • Outerwear normally associated with the outdoors such as bulky overcoats or raincoats may not be worn throughout the school day.
  • Clothing must overlap at the waist at all times.
  • A neckline is considered appropriate when it does not fall below the student’s 4-closed finger horizontal hand when placed at the base of the neck.
  • Pajamas, pajama pants, slippers, bedroom shoes, or any night time attire is not permitted.
  • Any apparel which may be considered sexually, culturally, or institutionally offensive as deemed by administration will not be allowed.
  • Administrators may use their discretion in addressing dress code issues which go beyond the dress code articulated above but believe the dress code issue significantly violates the intent of School Board Policy 4316. 

Middle School Dress Code Violation Procedures

1st Offense

                               Correction of violation

                                Verbal warning to student

                                Parental contact made 

2nd Offense            Correction of violation

                                Drop one level

                                Parental contact made 

3rd Offense             Correction of violation

                                Day of AID

                                Parental contact made 

4th Offense             Correction of violation

                                 1 day Out-of-School Suspension

Student Supply List 2014-2015:

WPMS Student School Supply List 2014-2015

6th Grade:

Three composition notebook


Colored pencils (I have some)

Glue stick (I have some)

Sturdy 1 in. 3-ring binder

Math section in a binder with dividers for separate subjects

Please, no spiral notebooks!

Good supply of loose leaf paper

Good supply of (black lead) pencils (wooden or automatic)

Small covered hand pencil sharpener (that catches shavings)

Pens for checking work

Highlighter for marking notes

Scientific calculator if possible (about $13 at Walmart)

Colored pencils or markers for creative assignments (foldable notes, presentations, etc.)

Marbled (stitched) composition book

Boxes of tissues & bottles of hand sanitizer will be greatly appreciated and contribute to your child's health by helping keep the classroom free of germs!

7th Grade:

3 subject college ruled notebooks

Single Subject Notebook

Pencils/ erasers

3 pocket folders

Pocket folders

Composition notebook/single subject notebook

8th Grade:



Head phones (1 set for grade level)

2 composition notebooks

1 inch binder


Pencils/ Pens

Math supplies you will need during 2014-2015

·     (2) 2 inch ring binder with front pockets (may use a binder

3-hole notebook in place of a ring binder)

·      (10-15) sheet protectors, top loading

·      generous supply of notebook paper (college rule)

·      Regular clear or colored binder tab dividers

·      (1) composition notebook (black & white hardcover) for math dictionary

·      USB Flash drive (2GB)

·      pencils – students should have at least 2 sharpened #2 pencils for each class daily

·      generous supply 3-hole graph paper to use for geometry/algebra homework, classwork and tests

·      zippered pencil pouch with 3-hole to put in binder

·      a pen for checking work – any color or style other than black

suggested supplies to have for homework and labs

calculator, compass, protractor, ruler, scissors, markers, dictionary

West Pender Middle School ASAP Program

ASAP: Is a program in which WPMS will offer students the opportunity to make up work, attendance, and receive extra help for class assignments.  The program will begin on October 6, 2014.

Time and Dates: ASAP will take place every Tuesday from 2:55-3:55, if ASAP is not being held on a specific Tuesday students will be notified in advance.  

Bus Transportation: WPMS will provide bus transportation to the following areas at the approximate times. Students will need a bus pass which the school will provide. Students will need to list a specific stop on the bus pass and must have a ride home from the stop area. Depending on traffic the bus may arrive a little early or late but it is very important that a ride is ready to pick up a student or they will have to ride the bus back to WPMS. Please communicate with friends and neighbors about carpooling in order to have each child picked up.

Location                                                                  Time

AB Express Grill                                                      4:08

Shiloh Baptist Church                                             4:10

Halfway Branch School Road/Tuckahoe Rd.          4:15

Woodcock Cemetery                                               4:21

Atkinson Baptist                                                     4:24

Point Caswell/Slocum Trail                                    4:32

Point Caswell/ Hwy 210                                         4:38

Larry's Tire Service                                                 4:41

Bear Branch Church                                                4:45

Blueberry Road/Hwy 421                                       4:48

Johnson Corner Store                                              4:52

Malpass Corner Store                                             4:58

Wards Corner Store                                                5:02


This program is offered to help meet your child’s academic needs, please help us help your child be successful in the academic setting. If you have questions please call me at West Pender Middle School.


Keith Whitaker, Principal

Bernita Jordan, Assistant Principal

West Pender

10750 Hwy. 53 West
Burgaw, NC 28425
Phone (910) 283-5626; Fax (910) 283-9537

Office Hours 
7:30 am to 3:30 p
m Monday-Friday

Our Mission Statement
West Pender Middle School is a diverse community of 21st Century learners that strives for excellence; fosters a passion for learning; promotes the development of the whole child; encourages service; and instills a respect for others.